"sitemap" that lists all content items within folders

I’m trying to create a “sitemap” for internal use only that would display basically the tree structure within our site and the content items within each folder. Has anyone done anything similar or have an idea of how I could easily do this?


When you mean “internal” what exactly do you mean? Internal, but accessible via content explorer (ie content type/ template or a jsp page)? I think what you are trying to do is duplicate the content explorer listing. One way to get this is to use a jcr query… something like

select jcr:path, rx:sys_contenttypeid, rx:sys_contentid, rx:displaytitle from nt:base where jcr:path like '//Sites/mysitename/%' order by jcr:path asc

hmm, that was strange I create a reply but I don’t see it listed. Let me try again.

By internal I mean staff use only, not for general public and we would only publish the page on a as needed basis. We would need it to publish so that people that do not have access to Rhythmyx can access it.

Correct in that we basically want to duplicate the content explorer listing but I don’t want just a simple list of content, I need an actual structure to it (exactly as the tree looks in the content explorer showing the folder and sub-folders under it and then any content within each folder).

The jcr query you provided would give me a list but what I need help with is the formatting or layout of a page. As I type this I’m thinking if there’s some way I could create a table or something.

What we’re trying to avoid is having to pull data into an excel sheet or something and have to manipulate.