Sites packaging problem

Just in the processes of packing up our development for deployment to our stage environment and we’re having problems packaging up our sites.

In an ideal world the variants we have moved over would be populated with the allowable sites but this isn’t happening. When we try to package up the sites it errors saying that the max count of 200 dependencies is being exceeded.

There must be a nack to carrying the sites over to elimiate the need for us to manually add them to every single variant, can anyone help?

We’re using 5.7


You can override the max dependency count, which defaults to 200, by creating a RhythmyxMultiServerManager.ja file (if one does not already exist) alongside the RhythmyxMultiServerManager.exe. Add the following line to the new or existing .ja file:


After saving the file, re-start MSM.

The max dependency count was put in place for performance reasons, so we suggest increasing the count in increments of 100.

Excellent solution - thanks for your help.

In newer versions of CM System (6.7 and 7.x) the RhythmyxMultiServerManager.lax file needs to be edited to show the following:



Java arguments -Dcom.percussion.deploy.maxDeps=300