Slider gone from published page

I have an html widget on the home page of our site (which is currently in development). In the widget I have code for a flexslider. Within the CM1 app, I can see the slider, the pictures, the description, but on the published page (and re-published page) the slider is non-existent. When I inspect the page in the browser, I can see the div tags for it, but it does not display. Coincidentally, we just upgraded to version 4.0.5. Anyone have this happen to them before?

There are multiple ways you could have built your slider, but here are somethings you can check.

  1. Are the images that will be shown in the app are still in CM1 and have they been approved and published.
  2. is the javascript that is used to drive the slider behavior loaded in the head of the page or template? Was that js file published?
  3. Did you move either the page or the images being used. Depending on how you built your slider that could be impacted?
  4. Is it using any external resources and are those available
  5. If it was build using a Rich Text Editor (which people did before widget builder was developed), did someone accidentally backspace over some code when they were editing the widget?

Again, that’s a starting point. If those don’t find the problem, we’d probably have to look at the specifics of your slider.

I’m not sure why it happened, but it appears that my javascript must have been cleared from the template at some point. Thank you for your help, you led me in the right direction. The slider is working again. Thanks!