slot not passing params


I have a slot in which I’d like to pass one parameter, the profileid. On my template I have the following declaration

#initslot(“tvBlogEntryList” $slotparams)

In the bindings I’ve set the profileid

$slotparams.profileid = $sys.item.getProperty(“rx:sys_contentid”).String

My slot is an AutoSlotContentFinder with this query

SELECT rx:sys_contentid, rx:sys_revision, rx:sys_folderid FROM rx:TVBlogEntry WHERE rx:profile = :profileid ORDER BY rx:entry_date DESC

Which works when I use the debugger. When I put the template in debug mode and open the slot I get this message:

profileid [java.lang.String]

hide tvBlogEntryList
Problem while getting slot contents for tvBlogEntryList
parameter profileid not defined

I’ve tried changing the datatype and using the “profileid=1234” syntax instead of $slotparams. It works however if I remove the
:profileid variable from the query.

Our system is 6.5.2 (with patch RX-13071) which has recently been upgrade from 5.6.

Any clues?



You will note that the debugger says (in large bold letters)

Slots, warning - finders called without parameters. Results in assembled output may vary

In your snippet template, you need to put in some conditional logic to skip over any code that depends on the profile id.


I did notice this as soon as I posted :slight_smile: