Slot visibility according to community

Does anyone know of a way of only hiding/showing slots depending on the community you are in?

It’s possible to build conditionals based on the current community, but you need to think through exactly why you need to do this.

Users cannot “act” (edit, approve, etc) on any item unless they are currently using the SAME community as the content item.

This makes conditionals based on community mostly pointless, as the only users it impacts are users who are NOT editing the content item.

The reason for doing this would be to make it less messy and confusing for the user. Some slots are not used by by some communities as they use different global templates so it would make sense to hide the unwanted slots to neaten up the active assembly table editor.

There is nothing you can do that will affect the Active Assembly table editor.

It is possible to put a conditional statement in a velocity template and use this template in Active Assembly, but once you open the table editor, all of the slots will be visible.