I have a weird scenario as follows.

Content type A has a page template p associated with it and slots a , b , c are contained Slots for this p template. When i edit the Active Assembly Editor for a content item 1 (of A content type), I see other slots like x, y, z under the Related content section. How is this possible? Am i missing something here?



You may need to verify which slots are associated to the global template. Do you have any other templates associated to Content Type A?

Thank you for the quick turnaround.

I have snippet templates associated to Content Type A. But even those doesn’t match the list. I checked the Global Template, but the list not matching the Global template too.


Yes the slots in Table editor are based upon the combined list of slot from all templates assigned to that content type. The list of slots in Active Assembly is based upon looking at the html generate (global and local) for macros in #slot e.g #_initslot add elements to the html in active assembly that reference the slot and this gets picked up with javascript for this list of related content in the left panel. This does not look at the assignment and you could reference a slot in the template velocity code that is not referenced in the slots tab.

So, what you are saying is, look for all the #slot occurrences in the Page template, Global template and snippet template for Content Type A.


I tried this too, no luck, the list doesn’t match with the AA Table Editor. Did i miss anything?


On a basic level yes. You may be able to view source on the Active Assembly page and search for the slot name you were not expecting to see, this may help you find where in the where in template it is being generated. Generally a #slot will put in the html required, There could be some custom slot macros that may be causing the problem though. Because of the way this works it should not show any slots for the snippet templates of the current item, only the templates that generate the page being viewed in active assembly e.g. global/local.