Slow Multi-Server Manager


We’ve recently converted all our XSL templates to Velocity and are in the process of migrating this work from our development server to our live server.

We are trying to create a new MSM archive consisting of these new templates and one slot. This has now been running for five hours and is approximately half way through our list of templates.

Does MSM always take this long? Or is there something we’ve missed doing?

Thanks in advance,

It can be pretty slow. I suppose it depends how many templates you got.


I have found that MSM is pretty slow unless you do things one at a time. Also, make sure you do not have any logging on as this massively slows things down.

Average speed for a template is about 3 minutes. Package that up with multiple templates and other elements and you are looking at a hugh wait.

We also wanted to do something similar, but decided it was easier to do smaller packages.

Also, I believe that you may hit an upper limit (and cause a java memory heap error) if there are lots of items in the MSM archive (I believe we hit this limit when attempting to take 30 or so action menus along with a similar number of templates at one time)…

I have a special name for such situations, called the “MSM Hurry Up and Wait State.” I once waited 45 minutes for an archive to be created. Things seem to have gotten a little better since moving to 6.5.2 and patch RX-13420.

In our case, I believe that the majority of the problem was caused by bugs RX-12925 and RX-12991. By the way, RX-12991 is Oracle specific.

What version and patch set are you on?

It should not take 3 minutes to package a template. This issue has not been previously reported. Please contact Technical Support so that this can be addressed.