Smart Preview available for Beta Test

Smart Preview is intended to replace the standard Fast Forward preview and AA actions with ones that understand which sites and folders an item exists on. This should eliminate the need to have separate actions in each community.

This is a highly unofficial project: I’ve been working on it in my copious free time (largely in hotels and airports) over the past few weeks. It’s taken me a bit longer than I thought it would, but now I’m ready to have some users test it.

If you would like a copy, please send me an email describing your environment, how your sites and communities are set up, and how you intend to test the package. I’ll respond with the code.

At present, I’d like to limit distribution to people who will actually test it and (just as importantly) give me some feedback. Once I’m convinced that it works properly across a range of environments, I’ll post the code here for everybody to download.

I’ve included the Deployment guide as an attachment to this post. Look through it, and if you meet my criteria, send me an email.


Virginia Tech just wrote one of these too. I’ll have our designer follow-up with you because a comparison of notes is definitely in order. He’s also done the same for Publish Now and Active Assembly.

Yes, our solution was to create an intermediary jsp page which calculates the site id and passes it on to the appropriate application/url. It has worked quite well so far, but I’ll send you a private im with more details…

Based on some feedback from Jitendra, I’ve added a couple of new features to Smart Preview. It now supports the Slot Item Preview menu and the Compare menu.

The new PDF is attached. I’m still looking for more testers. Please send me an email.