Sort Order Relevance

I am in the process of creating new states. What I am not able to understand is the relevance of Sort Order.

Since we configure pretty much everything in which order an item transitions from what state to what state, then what is the relevance of Sort order?

Also can any integer number be a valid number to enter for the sort order.


The sort order is to accomodate inserting the new states in between existsing states.
Yes, you can use any integer for sort order.

The only place that the sort order matters is in the Workflow diagram, which you can see by selecting the “preview” link in the workflow edit screen.

States with lower sort values will appear to the left of states with higher values.

So the relevance of sort order is only for Display purpose.

Other than that, what state one state possibly can go to is pretty much setup from the UI and has nothing to do with the Sort Order Integer value. Is this correct to summarize.