Spanish Characters Search

Hello all, please advise on the following.

We have a search requirement where the search results should not be case or spanish diacritical mark sensitive. If we search for espanol, it should return all the content items which have Espanol or español (with spanish diacritical mark for n) in the results.

Though the built in search engine is not case sensitive, it definitely is diacritical mark sensitive and does not return español when searching for espanol.

Secondly, when you try to add a content item through slots, the search function of contenbrowserdialog.jsp does not even recognize diacritical marks. If you type in español in the title and search for any content items, zero results are returned, even though you have content items with español as title.

Are these the limitations of the system or can we customize/configure the built in search functionalities?


Could someone please advise on this?

  • Ravi