SSL Certificate for CM1

Is there any documentation available for how to add an SSL certificate to our CM1 installation?

Hi Matt,

We do have some offline documentation with some high-level steps outlining how to use SSL certificates with CM1. The documentation is not public as we don’t want customers touching these configuration files and inadvertently compromising their CM1 installation. However, if you would like I can send this documentation to you. Let me know if this is still something you are interested in doing.

Of course, remember to always make a backup of your entire CM1 file tree before making any high-level changes to your configuration files.



Yes we would be interested if you can provide the documentation. Thanks!

Sure, please check your inbox.

We also want to add a SSL certificate to our CM1 server. Could I also get a copy of that document?

We may eventually want to do this as well. Could you send us the documentation too? Thanks.

Due to wide interest in applying an SSL certificate to CM1, a member of the documentation team and myself have clarified the steps outlined in the offline document, tested them internally, and we have now made the documentation public. You can find it here:

Let me know if anyone has trouble setting this up.