I can connect using SSL to my production server, but Firefox gives me the following error when I try to connect to my development server:

An error occurred during a connection to

Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).

(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

Any suggestions? I can’t connect securely to Workbench or MSM either. This is the second certificate I’ve installed on that machine. The first one didn’t give me that error, but the name didn’t match the name of the server, so I had to get another one. I’ve sent yet another certificate signature request to our IT department, hoping that will fix the problem.


One possibility is that they used a non-RSA algorithm to create the certificate. Confirm that the certificate they sent you was created using RSA as the algorithm.

This page may be helpful:


Reinstalling the SSL certificate a third time seems to have fixed the problem. I probably didn’t do it quite right before:
[li]Create keystore
[/li][li]Generate CSR to send to my university IT department (alias cms-test)
[/li][li]Import root certificate provided by IT (alias univ-root)
[/li][li]Import signed certificate from IT into keystore (alias cms-test)
[/li][li]Export cms-test
[/li][li]Import cms-test into /Rhythmyx/JRE/lib/security/cacerts
[/li][li]Import cms-test into C:\Rhythmyx\JRE\bin\cacerts