Staging Publishing and Pending State

We have a staging web server and a production web server. By utilizing the PSO Toolkit we are able to publish the current version to the staging server when its in the review state. This is great and fits our needs, however if a piece of content is moved to the pending state the next publishing cycle to staging regresses the content to the previous version. This only happens while the content is in the pending state. Its almost like this version becomes invisible while its in pending. In theory it still is the current version and should still be included in any future staging publishing cycles. Because this is a small site it is a Full publish. Is there anyway using a JSR query to force a content list to always return the most current revision regardless of its state?

The answer to your question is that no, you cannot control the version with a JCR Query, you have to use an item filter, and you can create an item filter that returns the current revision in ALL states.

However, that’s almost certainly not your real problem.

Tell me more about your workflow. What is the “valid flag” setting on the Pending state? is it “n”? What does the path look like? (perhaps a screenshot might help).


Your question helped me find the answer. I added the Pending state to the PSOStagingRevisionFilter rule in the Staging Item Filter and that appears to have done the trick. Thanks.