Stop rich text editor converting certain tags


Is there anyway of stopping the Rich text editor from converting ‘’ to ‘>’?

We have a csharp function which pulls in a price of a journey, and we need to add these prices as part of our content, for example:

Travel to London from Brimingham from (pulls in a price).

The problem is that the editor converts thetag to:

Is there anyway around this?

Hi Manjit,

At this time there is no way to prevent the Rich Text editor from auto-formatting unrecognized / non-standard code inputted into the source view. This is one of the major drawbacks in working with a WYSIWYG type of text editor. For this type of application, you will need to use a HTML widget, which does not auto-format any of the code you input.

An alternative approach is to use the Global Variables feature where you manage the variable (price) from a Dashboard gadget and the value is updated globally wherever the variable is used.

Which version of CM1 is this feature in?

This is available in 2.11. You can find more information about Global Variables and how to use them here:…