Sub Domains in CM1


I’m the web master at Florida A&M University, and I’m migrating from our current site, to CM1 and wanted to know how to set up CM1 with sub domains. I’m almost finished setting up our main site now, but we have sub domains for the colleges and schools and some of the other divisoins (ie

What’s the best way to set this up in CM1? Would I need to create new sites for each of the sub domains?

If I’m not mistaken you would have to create a new site for each sub domain. I believe you have to purchase additional licensing for each sub domain though.

We had subdomain setup at my Univiersity too but when I migrated us over to CM1, I was already planning on doing away with sub domains but the extra cost per subdomain made it an easier decision.


Another option you have is to set up Url Redirects on your server to redirect visitors to the pharmacy landing page for

Redirects are managed on your web server (outside of the CM1 application).

Ok…I was told by my sales rep that sub domains were covered under your licensing because you were still using your domain name. I had also mentioned that we also had .com sites, like, and he indicated that that wouldn’t be covered, but our sub domains would. Please clarify this very important licensing issue for me! I need an official word! If you are not that person…to whom would I need to talk to get clarification?


Someone will be contacting you offline regarding your licensing.