Submit vs approval

Was wondering what’s the difference? I am still trying to understand how this work coming from this link:

Is it necessary to have “Submit” and “Approval” as Admin? I find that strange since you can override. Maybe use “Publish” instead?

Submit = move to the next step of the workflow
Approve = this item is ready for publishing

As an admin, there are certainly reasons why you might want to separate submit from approval. For example, when I am writing the help documentation in advance of a release, if I am done writing about a new feature several weeks before the release, I will submit it, but not approve it because the release it not complete. I tend to do my approvals as a batch action at the end once all of my content has been written and submitted.

I then use incremental publishing rather than Publish Now for each page because I want all of the release specific content going out at the same time.

If when I am writing content for a release, but I find I need to change an existing topic or page immediately, I will do a “Publish Now” for that page.

So there are circumstances and uses for all of these steps, particularly when there are multiple contributors whose work must be coordinated.