Suggestion: Roadmap and future releases section

It would be extremely helpful to have an area, either on here, or perhaps your website, where you state what will be added to the next few versions.

There are many discussions on this BB which would be answered by this and would give us a clearer picture as to how to plan future upgrades. You may also want to add which bugs are fixed in the version.

It would also be a good idea to show how these product releases affected current versions of the product. e.g. what will be depreciated (this would help us plan future development).

The current idea was to post future roadmap content here (this forum) for discussion and feedback and just “sticky” it to the top.

For patches and releases (either GA or so close to release that the discussion shifts more to upgrade planning than feedback on the features) that would go into a different area. I know folks are working on a good way for doing that, first for patches, probably in a separate support forum or knowledge base of some kind.