Superfish Navbar animation

Hi: I would like to see the ability to add a slow slide down and up with the superfish Navbar in the future, or at least the ability to choose to have it. It looks like in your navbar.js you have code that could easily change the mimic this feature. See below possibility:

pathClass: ‘current’,
autoArrows: false,
delay: 1000,
pathLevels: 0,
animation: {opacity:‘show’,height:‘show’},
speed: ‘slow’

Hey Ryan,

You can actually override any of Superfish’s default options in CM1 using the code you’ve included above. Just wrap your code in Script tags, edit the Meta-data of any template that’s housing a Superfish powered menu, and paste your code into one of the Additional Code insertion points (location doesn’t matter because you’re using (document).ready).

For any other customers interested, a complete listing of the options you can use to override the Superfish menu’s default behavior can be found here:…