SVG image support in CM1 3.3+

Is there any timeline in place for supporting SVG image preview and implementation in CM1? With the way responsive design is evolving this would be a great alternative to installing retina.js and double the images on the servers.


We’re researching different mechanisms to support responsive images. We haven’t settled on a particular technique so your suggestion is timely. With the work we did to support responsive templates in 3.3, the next logical wave is to consider what we need to do to support mobile optimization. Responsive images is definitely a part of the equation. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi so I am also just learning about responsive image solutions. For now is that the way to go to install retina.js? Is there a particular solution that works best with cm1 at this time?

HI just doing some reading. What about Adaptive Images?…

Is it possible to run both IIS and Apache side by side? (I have no idea about this server stuff so forgive me if this is a ludicrous idea.).

I just like the idea I having something auto create all the different sizes of each image,and then all I have to do is put my break points in.