Switching Databases

I have a local windows installation of Rhythmyx server on my machine. At times, I have a need to point to different databases.
How can we switch databases, without having to reinstall the Rhythmyx server?

I see there is a configuration file login-cfg.xml. It has the password encrypted. If I make the changes here to the user name, can I enter the password in cleartext?


Are you talking about repointing an existing Rx tree or the developer tools to a different database?

Repointing the Rx tree to various databases is generally not a recommend practice. If the database you want to point to is typically handled by another Rx tree, you could (will) eventually run into some pretty significant issues if the database or Rx tree(s) get out of sync. If you do run into problems as a result of this practice, your only recourse will be to recover from a backup.

If you need to repoint development tools, just change the server name and port number before you log in using that tool.

That being said, if repointing the Rx tree is a one time thing, like when you need to set up a clone of an environment, you’ll need to modify the following:

[li]<rxroot>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rx-ds.xml and[/li][li]<rxroot>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/WEB-INF/config/spring/server-beans.xml[/li][/ul]
In the rx-ds.xml, you’ll need to remove the entire <security> node and replace it with <user-name> and <password> nodes.

For further specifics, please contact TS.

Yes…it is not the workbench or the Developer Tool…but the Rhythmyx server itself I wanted to change the database to which it points to.