Syndication Module

Has Percussion developed any module for Syndication? If yes, who should we contact to get the module?

If I remember, syndication is a part of the Community Marketing module, which is an addon that has a cost associated with and requires a consulting engagement. Though it’s possible they might be able to implement something that just does the syndication piece. There’s nothing stopping someone from write a custom module themsel

Depends what kind of syndication you mean. If you mean RSS, that has been in CM System for a long time. Community Marketing extended it and formalized it (a Feed Content Type and some other enhancements).

If instead, you are talking about the Syndication System being worked on for HHS, that has not yet been productized. The first such system is being done by a partner and is close to live now (I believe parts of it are live and others are in process). We are working on plans to roll that into the product in a future release.