sys_commandTask problem

I am unable to get the arguments on the post edition job to pass on to the batch file…

Here’s the “sys_commandTask” configured…

\Rhythmyx\AppServer\bin\postjob.bat ${edition_name} ${success_count} ${edition_end_time}

The batch file postjob.bat is defined as (on Windows XP).

echo "--------------------------------------------------" > \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt
echo "===========  Test for Post Job ===================" >> \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt
echo %1 >> \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt
echo %2 >> \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt
echo %3 >> \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt
echo "============= Test Complete =====================" >> \Rhythmyx\logs\postresults.txt

Here’s the results of the post job…

“=========== Test for Post Job ===================”
ECHO is on.
ECHO is on.
ECHO is on.
“============= Test Complete =====================”

if I pass hardcoded strings on the command (not the percussion variables), the batch file is able to echo those correctly.

So, the question is - why are the percussion variables ${edition_name} ${success_count} ${edition_end_time} NULL ? Do we need to enable anything?

I have tried similar approach. It doesn’t work as descrided in documentation. Have you reported to technical support as a bug in the system? Thanks


Yes, a bug has been logged on this issue; the ID is RX-16288.

The documented names of these variables are incorrect. The correct variables are:


This error will be corrected in the documentation for the next version of CM System.