sys_DropDownMultiple Content Editor Control?

I was just working on a content editor, and noticed that the dropdown of control types included “sys_DropDownMultiple”. I hadn’t realized that there was such a control - was this added in a patch? I know that the documentation I have (the Workbench help) doesn’t list it in the list of “Default Content Editor Controls”. A search turned up a couple of references to it elsewhere in the documentation.

Anyone know whether this is a supported control? When was it added to Rhythmyx?



It appears this control was added in Rhythmyx 6.0. There may have been a PSO version floating around before then, but I cannot be sure. It was not a system control in 5.7.

I have no idea why it is not documented, and I don’t know why you should not use it.


We’ve used it. I suffers from the same problem as all controls that allow multiple selections, but otherwise it can be used, and selections retrieved for display in templates using something like the following:

#foreach($foo in $sys.item.getProperty("_name_of_field_").getValues())


Dave and Andrew - Thanks for the info (and warning) on this.