sys_itemfilter = sitefolder removing approved slot content


I have an issue where at publish time I lose the content of my slots (a collection of link boxes, boxes and their content in Public state). I can see in the publish log that the behaviour is caused by the sys_itemfilter param which is set to sitefolder. I can quickly test and see the content reappearing if I change the paramater value to Preview or even Public. I am using a Publish Now edition on a folder that has been translated into Arabic from my main English site. I can happily publish the English folder using the same logic (ie the English Publish now menu on the English folder and the CLs are setup in the same manner).

Am I missing something? Has something gone wrong in the translation process?

If I change the Filter to Public on the Publish Now arabic CL the slot content will come out however all the links will be incorrect.



Have you done a impact analysis on the snippets in your slot that are removed on publish? I haven’t delved much into translations to understand whether a relationship is established with all translations, and if the original is in draft then the translation version will not be published.

You say that the link is incorrect. How is it incorrect? Does it point to the english version or just an empty link?

Hi Riley,

Yes i have done an impact analysis and it all looks as expected for the translation relationship. The parent items (ie English items) are as well as the Arabic items are set to public. I also ended up running an rxfix to make sure they were no dodgy relationships.

The links I am referring to as the ones generated if I change the Publish now content list filter from Sitefolder to Public. I then get the content of my slots in the publish but the links are incorrect i suspect because I then use the public context location scheme which isn’t set to xsite linking. With the filter set to Sitefolder then I get no slot Content.

I am running a traditional publish to see if the problem is to do with Publish now although I suspect it isn’t since it works for English.

Thanks Riley!


Just in case anyone is interested in the solution.
So it seems the problem was to do with the relationship and the relationship not being created correctly. Although it all appeared as expected in the front end it was not as it seemed.
Recreating the relationship ie removing the translated item from the slot and adding it again fixed the issue.
Now annoyingly this means doing this for the whole section but it does work and the translated pages are publishing correctly.
I do believe this is a bug though.
Anyway hope this well help someone eventually.