sys_RelationshipContentFinder - sys_folderid is incorrectly generated.

Hi all,

Using the rffNavSubmenu slot (sys_RelationshipContentFinder) we have expanded the allowed content types to wwwGeneric and other content types with navons continuing to reside in this slot as normal. We are using the following code to generate the $link

        #set($link = $node.getProperty("www_url").String)##
    #elseif($node.getPrimaryNodeType().getType()=="wwwGeneric" || $node.getPrimaryNodeType().getType()=="wwwHomepage")##
        #set($cloneditem = $sys.assemblyItem.clone())##
        #set($link = $rx.location.generate($cloneditem))
        #set($link = $node.getProperty("nav:url").String)## Working

This is functioning appropriately until we get into the following situation

| Folder1
| - Content Item 1
| - Content Item 2
| - Folder 2
| | - Content Item 3

Navigating to Content Item 3 and then navigating to Content Item 1 does not use the correct ?sys_folderid in the URL to which makes me believe that the code attached above fails to bring the folderid of $node when using setNode().

What am I missing to set the sys_folderid for each non-navon item?

Don’t use $sys.assemblyItem, you should be cloning the $relresult (for the sake of argument I am implying that $relresult is the variable that you set when iterating through the items in the navigation)

Thank you for the response. Attempting to use our iteration of $relresult ($node) in substitute of $sys.assemblyItem we experience that clone() does not work for $node. $node is populated from the following code.

#set($rootlevel = $root.getNodes("nav:submenu"))
            #foreach($node in $rootlevel)

@jitendra Looking at your previous posts on the forums you mention that you have non-navon based items in your submenu. This is what we’re trying to achieve at the moment. I am curious how you were able to achieve this accomplishment.

Hope this is what you’re looking for in terms of navigation:

Thank you for posting that snippet! I’m going to check it out and I’ll report back on success.