System Title is not tracked in content item history

I submitted this issue to Tech Support, and wanted to make sure others are aware of it too. I have heard back from TS that this behavior is “expected”, but I didn’t expect it, and thought other developers may have the same reaction.

The system title is not displaying correctly when viewing past revisions. If the system title changes, that new system title appears for all revisions when viewing them in the Content Explorer, even though the contentstatushistory table shows the correct system title for each revision.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a content item. Enter a system title (e.g. “System Title 1”).
  2. Publish the item, to create a public revision.
  3. Use View - Revisions to look at the revisions. Click on the “Content” link to see the item, including the system title. It is correct.
  4. Quick Edit the item and change the system title (e.g. “System Title 2”).
  5. Republish the item.
  6. Perform step #3 again - use View - Revisions to see the list of revisions, and then click on the “Content” link to see the first revision. The system title is “System Title 2”, when it should be “System Title 1”.

If you check the contentstatushistory table, it shows the changes in the System Title correctly, but they do not display properly in the Content viewer.

Thank you for the heads up. Good reminder to not use the “System Title” field beyond its internal requirement.

I’ll use this case when I talk to business users, and they ask me why I don’t just use System Title for the filename.