System varibales

I have a variable defined in my velocity template like this
#set($seoformat = $sys.variables.get("${site}_articleseo"))

I’m not sure where can i look up the value defined for “articleseo” . Any suggestions?


This looks like its a site variable. You can go to the Publishing section within Content Explorer where you’ve defined your publishing site. Underneath your site, you should see a list of all your defined site variables.

Thank you ashah. I found the variable.

I’m trying to figure out what the “evaluate” would do in the below example.

#set($xxx = “#evaluate($format)”

Is it a cusotm macro? or system macro? For either how can i find the functionality of this evaluate.

Its a system directive that would evaluate a VTL string using the current context.

#set($vtl = ‘learn the alphabet $test1’)

#set($test1 = “abc”)

#set($test1 = “xyz”)

will display (removing blank lines).
learn the alphabet abc
learn the alphabet xyz

Note that the reference “$vtl” needs single quotes to avoid evaluating $test1 up front.