Tags being stripped in EditLive field

Is there any way to stop Rhythmyx from stripping my div tags inside an ephox editlive field? I insert the div and upon updating, the tag disappears. I’m running Rhythmyx 6.5.2

Update: OK, I have one editlive field that is consistently stripping html comments and div tags from the code. It doesn’t seem to matter how I get them into the field, they are always stripped out upon saving changes.
All other editlive fields in this content type seem to accept and save this code just fine. The only difference that I can see in the Workbench settings is that this field is a required field. I made the change so that it wasn’t required, but it still seems to be having the issue.
We recently upgraded from 5.7 if that sheds any light.
Thanks for any help!

This is not normal behavior for EditLive. Please contact Percussion support to help you work through this issue.