Template Change

I think we’ve got the standard template ready to go, now I’m working on the template for the home page. The problem is that “index.html” on the root of our site is using the “GSW Standard” template. How do I change the template that a page uses? Do I have to delete that file and re-create it?

EDIT: Nevermind… I figured it out. I had to create a new page, make it the landing page for the root section, and delete the old page. There should be a better way of doing this.

You did just what I would have suggested. We have a backlog feature to switch the template a page uses. The complexity is in what to do with content that doesn’t match - e.g. template 1 has 3 rich text widgets and 2 image widgets, template 2 has 1 rich text, 1 simple text, and one 1 image widget. Which text and images get dropped when you go from template 1 to template 2?

For now, we felt there would be so much manual re-arranging of the assets that it wasn’t doing much help to swap the template out from under the page. Maybe some sort of manual process is needed, e.g. with a clip board of assets you can drag from the old page to the new?

Today, if you use shared assets for most of the content, you will be much more able to drop and re-create pages and then just drag and drop the same assets around from one to the next.