Template css access

I think it would be nice if I could edit the theme css from the web interface. As it is now, I have to ssh in to my server as the cm1 user, then cd to Percussion/web_resources/themes/my_theme/ to get to it.

It’s not a huge thing, but it seems like it would be so much easier to just have everything on the web interface so I don’t have to have several windows open.

This makes total sense as was the intent all along. We have a bunch of “make editing theme easier” features in the roadmap. The main delay is that we typically prioritize “your web visitors” over “the web designer” - meaning features like Web Forms Widget, Blogs, Dynamic Lists, etc. are high up as well. My hope is to layer in a bit of theme/design editing improvements as we go. We added a “Region Explorer” capability in 1.4, for example, that allows you to find regions by name (it’s not the theme, but its part of template design and was another usability issue if you had lots of nested regions and couldn’t easily click on one to set it’s properties).

The initial simplest approach we’re thinking of adding for theme editing is to simply go to the style tab (or equivalent) and open the theme CSS into a text editor right from the browser, similar to the “metadata” dialog for templates and pages. So you’d have the theme editor open in one browser window and just edit-save in that browser window while having the rest of the CM1 UI (say the template editor and page previews) open in one or more other browser instances.

If you know of any CSS text editors or editing features you like, add it here.