Template not returning to "edit" state after saving, changing widget properties or region properties

When editing a template I loose “edit” state after making a change. By this I mean the guides are gone and I can’t click on anything to interact with the regions or widgets. I must either change to the content tab or css tab and back to layout to enable editing.

For instance, if I click the wrench icon on a region and add a css class then close the dialog the template is no longer editable. Saving the template has no effect. I must do something that forces percussion to re-draw the page such as switching “modes” to css or content. I don’t know exactly when this started but I’m assuming it was after the last upgrade to v4.0.4,


By chance have you tried “disabling javascript”? Its under “views” while editing a page/template. It sounds like that there is some javascript running in the background, and it is effecting the behavior of the page.

If this doesn’t help, lets talk more in detail, and open a support ticket.