Templates for mobile devices

We are running Rhythmyx 6.5 and have had customers request websites that are more accessible to moblie phone users.

Has any one been successful at developing mobile friendly templates in Rhythmyx for your website?

If so, how did this work impact developer(s) time and resources?

This reply may not be helpful at the moment; however, we will be implementing mobile templates in the near future and I will be glad to relay our experience and any hurdles we encountered.

I’m curious myself, guess no one has done this yet with Rx?

We’ve been getting more interest in this lately. So far we’ve just manually maintained them outside of our cms. Now that’ we’re getting more interest in this I’m curious how others are approaching this.

Are you using cms to maintain a mobile site? Is your mobile site a mirror of your main site with a more optimized template? Are you creating mobile specific content?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Chris

I haven’t done this w/ Percussion (planning to do some prototyping soon), but I have with other CMS products and I don’t except Percussion will be much different. After requirements are gathered, you’ll decide whether you’ll create a “mirror” site or sub-site, if/how you will create mobile-specific content and repurpose content from your other sites, but I find those sorts of decisions are fairly obvious, given business goals and/or requirements that are clear, or designers will just give you designs, which happens for me since I’ved worked for mostly interactive agencies. On the technical end, one of bigger decisions is what markup language(s) to write your templates in. Nowdays, you’ve got a fair amount of options: full XHTML, XHTML basic, XHTML Mobile Profile, WML, cHTML, etc. If your use cases are such that all users are Blackberry corporate users with a certain model (or greater), it’s easy enough to find out what markup languages the Blackberry browsers supports and go from there. If you’re pubishing a public facing site where users could have anything from the latest iPhone or Android phones to an older smartphone, maybe go with XTML basic or some such, if supporting those users is important enough to your organization. You can you detect their mobile browser (using HTTP_USER_AGENT), and if a certain segment is important to you (say iPhone users), then create targeted content for that segment. Obviously, the possibilities are endly, based on what your goals are.

Since Percussion uses Velocity, generating any markup language is just a matter of putting in the work to write the templates, although the preview function would be a less useful, so you’d have to point a mobile phone emulator at the preview URL to really get a sense of how pages will look.

I am seeking a free template which is fully responsive in mobile and desktop successful running in both version it possible or if any one create please suggest or guide.

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