Test site

We would like to set up a test site to play around with templates and things without affecting our live site. Is it possible to copy our existing site and use it as a test environment? Are there any tricks about multiple sites that could cause an issue for a test site?

Hello Lisa,

You can create or copy a site in CM1 for testing.  The issue you might run into is with licensing - if your license is for one site, then you can only publish one of these sites.  If you are interested in setting up a development site you can publish you can contact us about adding a development license to your account.

This page has more details on copying a site:

You may want to consider if you want shared assets or themes shared between the two sites, or if you want them to have their own (and keep changes on the test site from affecting the live site).

Please let us know if this helps.


Thanks, Keith! Who should I contact about development site licensing?

Hello Lisa,

I will forward your contact information to our Account Manager.