Thank you ~

I have over 170 Editors and well over 170 Contributors. We went live in January and April 01 is the date I sent to step back from doing the edits (partially) for them. Before, I used old-school editing and it seemed as if my day never ended. In this time since we have gone live, and especially recently I have noticed the time I now have available to explore new software (i.e. Edge Animate, Captivate) and plan out form implementation as well as time to monitor the system, log files and keep checks and weekly training. Last week I had training on “Understanding Banners” and today I had training on “Online Forms” and another session on “Secure Sites”.

Thank you, I am so happy to have time to really do so much more with our website.

This is wonderful feedback, Debbie; thank you so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!