The "More Link" of the rich text widget renders in the widget but not on the page or index

Our blogs section for our site works exactly as the percussion site does. When writing blog posts, I insert the “more link” into the rich text widget and it appears. However, when I click save on the widget, the “read more” doesn’t appear in the preview. It’s like I never inserted the “more link”, when I certainly have and hit save. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Are you trying to view the link in the post page or on the blog index? If it is the blog index, you will need to add the link to the Summary Meta-data. If it is on the page, take a look at your CSS and ensure that you are not obfuscating the “a” tag.

Ty, thanks for your response. We didn’t have the auto-generate summary box checked in our meta-data. All set

Glad to hear it!

Let us know if you hit any other snags along the way.

Related to this, shouldn’t the “read more…” link show up in page auto lists after the summary?

I have it inserted in the original page’s rich text widget and the summary is indeed being pulled into the auto list. But without the “read more…”.


Yes it should be. However, note that widgets that rely on the DTS server for processing, such as Auto-Lists, will not function 100% unless they are deployed in a published environment. Because of this, I do not believe the “Read More” link will populate when previewing the auto-list. Of course, let me know if you’re still not seeing the Read More link once your auto-list has been published.