The navtree is getting cluttered!

We’re going to be managing multiple sites in the same instance of Percussion CMS. In order to have links to content managed in the CMS on each page, we’ve had to add slots to the navtree for each additional site. The only other alternative is to create a hard-coded link, using the root nav url as a starting point, to a specific content item that needs to be named a certain way.

Our navtree now includes slots on some sites that are only used in other sites. Is there a way to segregate slots in a navtree? I tried to change the permissions on slots to have read permission only for certain communities, but that didn’t hide the slot in the active assembly table editor.

Has anyone else run into this or solved this when managing multiple sites?

This has come up before. I’ve hacked one of the XML Applications to allow slots to be hidden from all but selected communities via the Object ACL on the slot in Workbench on 6.5.2. Can’t do it by site, so you need your communities to correspond to sites.