Theme stylesheet won't publish?

I have a stylesheet in my themes folder, and I have overwritten it, so the content of the file is new, but it is not publishing to my live server, even after a full publish. Any good workarounds for making this work?

Hi Brian,

If you preview the page, do you see your changes?

Yes, when I previewed the pages it was showing. It actually is working now, so I am all set. (I ran a full publish again after posting here. )

I’m not sure if these steps helped get the file published, but the second time around I opened a template for editing, closed it, ran a publish and it went through. In any case I’m good to go!


Maybe it was a caching thing in your browser?

Another thing to note is, did you ever modify your style-sheet on your live webserver? Percussion looks a the time-stamps on files. So if the time-stamp on the file was newer then when you started the full publish, that might also explain why it was not overwritten…

I am having the same issue. The CSS works in preview but it is not over-writing the file on the production server when I do a full publish. If I copy the file over manually it works fine, so this is not a caching issue. The time-stamp on the development server should be much newer than the one on the production server, so I don’t think that is the issue either. I also tried opening a template and editing before publishing, but it still did not publish my CSS file.


For this one specifically, I might suggest you create a ticket with our technical support team. They will most likely ask you for a server.log and see if they can isolate after a full publish why the css file might not be getting published to the web-server. 

Just thinking about this if you are manually moving it to the webserver, what permissions does your user have? It may be possible that you manually adding this file, that your user super-seeds the permissions Percussion might have when it tries to write the file… Could you verify that?