This action cannot be performed on this asset because it has been deleted in another session

We are getting this error intermittently, has anyone seen this error before when saving an Asset?

Hey Mike,

When you encounter this problem, are you typically able to exit out of the editing window and then open the asset back up and save as normal? Or do assets get stuck in this state where you can’t save them for a period of time? Obvious final question: is there anyone else in the system who might have started working with the asset (modifying, moving, deleting, etc) while you had it open for editing?

It seems to happen and then after a refresh or two it works fine. I am the only one working on the asset, but it has happened to a few of us working on different assets. I tried to figure out what would be different that would be causing it, but I was unable to find a pattern

Interesting. Certainly keep an eye out for commonalities if the problem persists, like for instance leaving the asset open for editing for an extended period of time before saving, etc.