This can't be right - or can it?

Just upgraded to 6.5.2 and noticed huge savings in publishing times. Example: an edition that took an hour an a half in 6.0, now takes only 33 minutes! (And 6.0 was collosal improvement over 5.0)

Anyone else noticed improved publishing times?

Publishing in Rx 6.52 is a dream!

Our old 5.7 system was reasonably good in that a full publish took around 2 - 3 hours. Now we have rebuilt our entire system in 6.52 a full publish of over 10,000 items takes approx. 20 minutes. An incremental takes about 5 minutes max.

What this means is that we can schedule full publishes during the working day to ensure the managed navigation updates.

My only issue with publishing is that incrementals do not update the managed nav… is there any chance this may be improved in future versions?

Have you added that idea to the idea forum cara-m?

If you add a poll we can then all vote on it :slight_smile: