TMX file and rebooting

We’re moving all of our static text from the templates to the main TMX file using the rxlt tool and instructions from the Internationalizing and Localizing Rhythmyx doc. Everything is going fine except that for any change we make we need to stop and restart Rhythmyx for it to take effect. Is this normal? It’s kind of a pain to make a spelling change and then run around and make sure everyone is out of Rhythmyx before rebooting. We’re 6.5.2 btw.


Instead of restarting the server there is a console command you can use to reload the tmx bundle and replace the entries the server has cached.

Open /Rhythmyx/admin/console.jsp in a browser and execute this command:

reload i18nresources

That should cause the tmx changes to take effect.

Awesome! Thanks alot. That will save me a lot of time!