Tomcat/CM1 case sensitive URLs

Tomcat/CM1 creates case sensitive URLs. How can I create URLs in Percussion that are not case sensitive or, how do I make all URLs in CM1 not case sensitive? Need to resolve ASAP. Thanks!


Case sensitivity is drawn from the underlying file system. Linux servers are typically case sensitive, whereas Windows servers are not. Because CM1 publishes to a Tomcat 6 server, it is possible to use a deprecated rule to enable case insensitivity (which was removed from Tomcat 7), but it’s generally not recommended due to security concerns.

This Tomcat 6 documentation outlines how to use the caseSensitive rule:…

Essentially, you will add the “caseSensitive=false” rule to your [tomcat_root]/conf/context.xml file and restart Tomcat. Let me know if you have any trouble setting this up.

Hi Nathaniel, we’re running Tomcat on Windows Server 2008 R2 and are still experiencing case sensitivity. Can you be a little more specific about where to put the caseSensitive=false in the context.xml file? Just drop it anywhere between the tags or should it be encapsulated in another way? Thanks!

Hi Phil,

I stand corrected; it appears that Tomcat does emulate UNIX-like file system behavior even in a Windows environment.

You would add the rule directly into the existing Context element, like this:

However, please keep in mind this is not recommended in a Windows environment due to security concerns, and – as tedious as it may be – ensuring that all of your pages and folders are lowercase is the really best approach. Here is a note on the issue from the Tomcat documentation:

“This flag MUST NOT be set to false on the Windows platform (or any other OS which does not have a case sensitive filesystem), as it will disable case sensitivity checks, allowing JSP source code disclosure, among other security problems.”

Unfortunately I don’t have much choice. We had a large marketing campaign mailer go out with /Url instead of /url. At the very least this will be a temporary fix through the duration of the campaign. Thanks for your help.

One alternative you could try out if you are using Tomcat as the Web Server and want to avoid the security concern could be to add a URL Rewrite filter. And setup a re-write rule for the different case on the URL.

Check out:


You would follow the steps on their web site for setting up the filter. If you did try this, you may need to set the web.xml to read-only so that it doesn’t get overwritten on the next Full publish,