top nav template has spaces between images

I am building top navigation as an unordered list for each navon image in different folders.
after the assembly, it comes as a


<LI><A href="..."><IMG...></LI>
<LI><A href="..."><IMG...></LI>
<LI><A href="..."><IMG...></LI>


when this rendered on the browser, we see a space between images. (and I guess this a know issue). Most suggest that we eliminate space by putting all into one line. However, with navigation template anyone found a better way to do it?


I figured out a way to prevent this issue by creating a local variable that I would concate all these HTML lines and then use that variable at the end to print.

for example

#set ($ulocalv = $ulocalv + '<LI><A href="..."><IMG...></LI>')

now when you print this velocity variable, you get without any spaces…


The extra space has to be in the assembly of templates. I have parsed through templates to eliminate tabs/spaces that are unnecessary to prevent visual errors as you’ve described.