Top navigation slot in Navtree

We have a requirement to add a static top navigation bar to our global templates.

We’ve created the slot and added this to the navtree, and populated this with a number of navon’s (the only allowed content for the slot).

The snippet template returns this list of navon’s as links successfully. However, clicking on one of the links returns an error:
‘Invalid tree structure. Item with duplicate parents’.

This happens for every link in our snippet.

These links are created from navon’s that can span across a number of sites. Obviously, these navon’s already have a parent navtree so how can we stop this error when we add the navon’s as items within another navtree’s slot?

The key here is to add Landing Pages, not Navons to the slot on NavTree. There are several threads in this forum that describe how to do this.

Thanks Dave.

That makes sense, although it was in our statement of work produced by our consultant that said to use navons.