Translation Relationship lost on revision update

Hi There

We are patched up to RX-15672 on Rx 6.5.2 Build 200710P01, however we are still finding that the Translation Relationship is lost by the parent content item on revision update.

I believe this should have been fixed as: RX-14773 - sys_TranslationContentFinder loses relationship bet. child and owner once owner revision is updated. I addition Impact Analysis loses site of the descendant translated items.

Any advice would be most greatfully received.

Submit a ticket with TS with your specific steps to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing. Your steps should include the results you’re seeing that make you think translation relationships aren’t being built.

On the plus side, with your current patch level, you should now have the ‘Fix Translation Relationship’ tool available in RxFix. This tool was specifically developed create relationships between parent and translated child for all subsequent revisions of the parent. Before using RxFix, you should ALWAYS create a full backup of your database. Should something unexpected occur, the backup will be your quickest and most reliable path back to a working state.

Got the fix after re-reading the patch as I hadn’t realised that some manual changes were required also!