Translation relationship to deep clone without mandatory workflow dependancy?


I am using Rx 6.7.

I’d like to be able to create a translation of a folder and all of its child contents without incurring a mandatory workflow relationship between the original and translated content.

My testing has concluded that the only way to create a folder translation where all child content is also created as a translation is to use the configuration used by the Translation-Mandatory relationship.
[A standard translation of the folder results in just the folder item being translated and none of its child content]

Furthermore I have found with the Translation-Mandatory relationship, that it is specificially, the Pre-Workflow ‘sys_PublishMandatory’ and ‘sys_UnpublishMandatory’ effects which allow the child content to be deep cloned. Consequently these effects are also what create the mandatory workflow relationship between the original and translated content which we do not want.

I am wondering if anyone has overcome this issue in their implementation or whether Percussion can offer some guidance on this? This is a huge part of a wider stratergy for brining multiple landuage site online as quickly as possible.

I understand that if I need to write a custom effect using the IPSEffect interface is the way to do it, but we see this as a very last resort.

Any feedback would be much apprecaited.

Thank you

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Thanks to some deeper investigation by Mr Rowe, we have discovered that as mentioned here you also need to configure a condition on the FolderContent relationship in order to achieve deep cloning - the default configuration is set up for ‘Translation-Mandatory’ only so to get ours to work we added a new Condition to the FolderContent - Deep Clone configuration as follows:

OR PSXOriginatingRelationshipProperty/name = ppTranslation 

where ppTranslation is the name of our newly created translation relationship.

Thus I am pleased to report that the effects: Pre-Workflow ‘sys_PublishMandatory’ and ‘sys_UnpublishMandatory’ were not the cause of my pain.

p.s. As a side note we did notice that copying a System Relationship Type would initially place the Copy_of item in the User folder when pasted there but upon refreshing the Relationship Types folder the relationship is moved to the System folder. We also noted that we could not Delete or Rename this item. Checking the clob in the database table PSX_RXCONFIGURATIONS confirmed the Copy_of relationship was indeed created as a System relationship type.