Trouble Logging Into CM1

I’m having a problem logging into my company’s instance of percussion. I’m the main admin, and I’m working remote the next few days as I’m traveling. I have to post a press release to our website, and the system is not giving me access. It’s saying that my username and password are incorrect, and I know they’re the correct combination.

Hi Heather,

Try logging in with these credentials,
User name: Admin
Password: demo

This is the default user that cm1 ships with. If you have not deleted thIs user then you should be able to log in as an admin and you can check to see if the other credentials you been trying are correct.

Hi Armani! Thanks for that feedback. I later found out that my hotel was having Internet troubles this morning. I was able to log in with my regular credentials and schedule the press release. Thank you so much for your quick response!

Your welcome, glad it worked out!