Trying to Resolve Several Problems and Go Live

We did a live test of our new Percussion website today. Our goal now is to go live on Wednesday. Most went smoothly, with two exceptions:

  1. On the left navigation that was provided - accordian - the parent pages within a section expand properly, but the actual parent page link does not work, only the child pages. The templates used have the fix code Daved provided, as well as the meta data. We had a session about this and it was working correctly, but now is not.

  2. When testing, several links on a page do not appear. They are in the code and display/function properly when viewing in admin. When we relinked one item and made sure pages are properly published, the link in live test then worked - and at the same time, weirdly added back the links for four or five other items. We relinked another problem item and it will not work on live test, although it works fine in admin view.

Susan Cable
City of Corpus Christi

Hi Susan,

  1. On your left accordion navigation, do the links behave as expected when previewing them in CM1? If so, its possible updates to your JavaScript code are simply not making it out to your live server. As a test, you can rename the “web_resources” folder currently on your IIS webserver (it will be at the root of the site’s IIS directory – your IT people will probably have to do this for you) and then run another full site publish? This will write out all of your theme’s JS code exactly as it is in CM1, to ensure you don’t have any outdated theme files stuck on your filesystem. Be sure to clear your browser cache when loading your site again after doing this to ensure you pick up all of the new JS code.

  2. Are you re-linking a page or some type of asset? If the link is active and functional in preview mode, be sure that the page or asset you are linking to has been approved and is in the Pending or Live workflow state before publishing. Or is the behavior NOT that the links are inactive, but simply not displaying at all?

Hi Nathaniel,

  1. The left accordian navigation parent page links do not function in preview either.

  2. The behavior is not that the links are inactive, but simply not displaying at all - not on text link, the accordian navigation or in viewing page source. This is only happening on a few pages.

  3. The other problem I mentioned in my email is fonts magically changing on the front page - different ones each time you refresh. Is this a CM1 problem or our testing setup?


  1. Is the behavior that the parent links expand the accordion nav, but do not take you to the parent page? If so, I believe this is the default behavior of the accordion nav plug-in you are using, and that there is a “[section_name] Overview” link below the parent link that actually takes you to the section. Did you get an update from Daved that altered this behavior?

  2. Are the links being generated by some type of page auto-list widget, or where they created in a Rich Text widget?

  3. Can you possibly provide some screenshots of this behavior? Thanks!

We are thinking maybe the magic fonts and link issues are related to the testing setup and want to focus on fixing the navigation problem for now.

  1. We did not want the default behavior for parent links, so, we modified the code in one of our sessions with Daved back in August. It was not working correctly and Daved indicated that one of the lines was wrong and sent a replacement JS file. That resolved the issues with navigation expansion/collapsing, but the other functions reverted back to what they were prior to changes. There would be a listing for a department (e.g. Storm Water), then a listing for that department home page (Storm Water Home Page - which we thought redundant) and the top part of the navigation expanded/collapsed downward and the bottom half upward.

So then Daved instructed us to change the “makeHomeLink: true” at the bottom of the JS to false. I made this change and it did remove the extra home page link. However, then the second page levels within the department (department landing page being the first level) would not link to the page - only the third level sub pages would. I also modified the slideUp and changed them (two references) to slideDown, and that was and is working now.

In our next session, we reviewed the navigation and made code and file updates and I thought we resolved issues and it was working fine.

I just now downloaded the accordianNav1-7.js file and it has "makeHomeLink:true. I do not remember if Daved changed that again in one of our sessions, so I am afraid to make any modification without direction for Daved or you.

This is the CSS override:

.accordion-nav li{

.accordion-nav li.current,.accordion-nav li.current li{

.rxbodyfield ul, .rxbodyfield ol, .rxbodyfield li {
list-style-position: outside;
margin: auto auto auto 10px;
padding: 0;
.rxbodyfield li {


Can you outline or identify the behavior you are desiring?

  1. Your navigation shows the parent links. You then click on the parent link and are taken to the section landing page. The left navigation then shows the sub levels under that section. All other sub levels are hidden.

  2. Your navigation shows the parent links. You click on the parent link and the children under it show up. You click on another parent link and the children for that appear and the ones that were visible hide. Clicking on a child link goes to the child link page. Click on the parent link shows and hides the children. The parent landing page should not be accessible from left nav.

  3. Your navigation shows the parent links. You click on the parent link and the children under it show up. You can click on another link to go to the parent landing page or you can click on a child element. If you click on a different parent link, the children for that link appears and the others hide. The parent landing page is accessible from a Landing page link.

  4. Other… :slight_smile:

If I didn’t identify what you are looking for in that list, please help by describing the desired functionality again. I think it will allows us to help better.


Actually, we went through this same process back in August and you provided some modifications and fixes to the js code, css override and meta data that accomplished the desired behavior. For some reason, the nav reverted back to where we started.

The desired behavior is as follows:

Our navigation shows the parent links. You click on the parent link and the children under it show up. You click on another parent link and the children for that appear and the ones that were visible hide (all expansion moves downward and collapsing moves upward - not a mix). Clicking on a child link goes to the child link page. Clicking on the parent link shows and hides the children. The parent link goes to the parent page - We did not want to have a redundant parent header that does not link. We have way too many sections and pages - departments/divisions, etc. As I mentioned in my post, we did not like having the redundacy of “Storm Water” followed by “Storm Water Home Page.” We just wanted “Storm Water,” then the child pages appear, and so on, with each linking.

If two functions for the parent link are difficult/impossible, we were happy with the navigation function on our current website, which is that the parent link goes to the parent page, and when you are on the parent page, the children links appear, and can expand and collapse (downward). The URL is

Annie and I would love to have a conference call this afternoon to demonstrate the problem and discuss how to resolve. It seems that if we successfully modified in August, we should be able to find a solution. Please let us know if that is possible, so that we know what to do about our launch plans for tomorrow.


I have emailed regarding this.

Thank you.

We are extremely busy updating and reviewing. Most things are working. There have been a few problems. For a few days last week, nothing was publishing individually and everything very slow - getting 404 error and unresponsive script messages. I had to publish the full site (1 hour and 25 minutes) to get everything to live.

We are developing a list of problems/questions (which we will later post on community), but the big issue remains the slider and other displays on the pages that used Jerry’s templates. For example, the government page and the site on some laptops/smart phones also does weird display. For domain name redirects, i-frame widgets (such as Twitter) are not displaying, though they are fine through

Please let us know as soon as possible your solution for the IE display issues.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for getting back to us. In order to keep everything in one place and help us stay on top of everything, I’m going to copy your response here back into our open support ticket and reply to you through there.