Turn a folder into a Nav Section

I would love to see in the next version an automic way that you could select a group of regualre folders and hit a setting that would then make them navagation folders.

I had a staff member create an extensive folder structure, using the top right folder icon. Now I have to go manuualy rebuild it in Nav view. This feature would be super helpful and time saving!

Thanks for posting this, Sandy! Definitely gets my vote.

From the current CM1 feature, it is very cumbersome and error-prone to create navigation on default non-navigational folders by the following steps:
Step 1: rename the non-navigational folder (e.g. test -> test1)
Step 2: create the navigational folder with the name same as the original non-navigational name (e.g. test)
Step 3: drag and drop EACH FILE from non-navigational folder (i.e. test1) to the new navigational folder (i.e. test)
Step 4: remove the non-navigational folder (i.e. test1)

There are a few drawbacks to note:
(1) It is very time consuming to drag and drop each file without bulk file selection
(2) It is error-prone and cumbersome to manual creation of navigational folders for a number of non-navigational folders of a large website
(3) It is dangerous to allow creation and deletion of folders by users for managing navigation
(4) Just in case the user mistakenly delete folders, there are no specific instruction to recover the deleted data instead of restoring database for everything

In our case, we have a lot of files and folders of our website. Please advise how to manage the navigation easily and safely.

Hi Eric,

In version 3.3, we are considering adding a feature that would allow users to target a folder and child page to be converted into a new navigation section and landing page, which would greatly streamline the process you’ve outlined. This feature would be especially useful for customers using our LiveFirst tools, such as yourself. This enhancement hasn’t yet been locked into the 3.3 road map, so I’m merging your thread into Sandy’s Idea here so that our product management team will see your post.

Thanks Nathaniel for bringing this up to management team!

The current navigation feature is very primitive and disappointing :frowning:

This is currently planned for 3.4. We will have the ability to convert a folder into a section. You will also have the ability to convert a section back into a folder.

This feature was delivered in 3.4, released on Dec 19.