Turning off Covera

We started out with the covera FTS turned on but seeing the growth of its index file would like to turn it off. I created a few specialty searches that keyed off a specific community but other than that use the default searches.

If we deactivate the covera search will the content already created show up using the built-in search or do we have to reindex the content somehow?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Tom

Yes content will still appear although you will only be able to base your search on specific fields as the freetext box will be removed when convera is turned off.


Thanks James!!!

I have a follow-up:

Can we remove the large index file created by Convera and still be able to search for the already created content via the internal search?
Will the specialty searches created still work, do I need to remove them or will the freetext box be removed from the search options?

Thanks again in advance!!!


First of all, Percussion Software recommends against permanently disabling the full-text search engine once you have started using it. Disabling the full-text search engine on a temporary basis is supported in development environments, but not recommended in production environments.

In the Rhythmyx Administration Manual, the topic “Disabling Full-text Search” (p. 142) should answer most of your questions.

This document also discusses some different deployment options that may address your concerns about the size of the search index databases. In particular, you should compact the search indices, and may want to consider deploying the search indices to a different machine.



To which Convera index file you’re referring to?