UI Improvement

I was just working with a sitemaster of mine and had to do a repetitive step for 20 pages she has. I had to open each individual page to publish it so that the shared asset I updated would update across all of their pages.

I know I can do a full site publish and it will do all of that for me but a simple full site publish for me takes at least an hour and five minutes. Which when other people are trying to publish too slows them down quite a bit and sometimes times out on them and their changes don’t get pushed to the db.

I think it would be nice to either have a shared asset, when updated, automatically “re-publish” each page it’s on; or have the ability to select multiple pages in the finder and have a publish button to quickly republish them.

I would advise against an auto publish option for the pages due to an asset on it being updated since you have no way of knowing what other content that lives on the same pages is actually ready to be published or not.

I’d vote for Matt’s second suggestion of having an option of being able to see a listing of what pages the asset is used on (i.e. maybe using your site impact area) and giving an option there to select all or pick and choose which options to publish at once via a mass publish button.

I agree with you Paul. I’m just trying to find an easier way for me to publish changes to multiple pages without having to go through my lengthy full site publish or touching each page individually, especially when an asset resides on 30+ pages that need it updated.

I hear you.

We have 100+ Schools in our school district and 5000+ teachers. We’re creating an entire “Teacher Websites” Site, allowing our teachers to each have their own “site” (really section) within it. So if you think you have slowness issues, you can imagine what we encounter. I am foaming at the mouth awaiting the day percussion changes how they load the Finder to improve its performance (i.e. right now our “Schools” section takes 30 seconds + to show it contents…

Wow. Yeah we don’t have that long of a load time. It’s typically about 10 to 15 seconds.

I would suggest that shared assets be treated as such on the live web server as well so that when they are updated, CM1 pushes out just the asset, eliminating the need to publish separate pages (or an entire Web site?), which seems cumbersome and unnecessary (and kind of crazy).

This could be done as a server-side include but I’m sure there are other options.

I think this is the main concern. You shouldn’t have to publish every page that uses a shared asset, as you don’t want to publish anything with content being worked on by others. See my suggestion below.

This was addressed as part of Incremental Publishing, released in Version 4.1. 

Where can I download 4.1?